• Lucy May

What is Vintage Anyway?

Updated: May 10

It's difficult to believe that 90s clothing is considered to be vintage. It only seems like yesterday we were coming home from school and watching Nickelodeon and cartoon network what was a shocking 20 plus years ago! We are often asked what qualifies as 'vintage' so we thought we'd share a little information and hopefully answer some of your other questions. Vintage refers to clothing items made over 20 years ago, and represents the era it was made in. We love vintage clothing not only because we can find so many amazing rare and unusual pieces, but older clothing was often made to last and is much more durable than modern fast fashion.

Online, on platforms like Vinted and Depop, you will find a plethora of vintage and second pieces. It's great that people are thrifing so often that these platforms are so popular, which will hopefully reduce the rate at which fast fashion is made and will convince retailers to make more ethical choices when designing and making clothing. It's also amazing to see vintage clothing being accessible to everyone and watching people collect rare and unusual pieces for their wardrobes and putting unique outfits together. Vintage is a great choice for people looking for quality, branded or designer garments at lower prices. Red & Blue Umbrella are committed to offering reasonable prices for high quality handpicked pieces, check out our shop here or on Depop.

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