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Caring For Vintage Clothing

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Every now and again we receive enquiries about how to care for your favourite vintage pieces, in this blog I aim to best cover the most important pointers to keep your garments in tip-top condition.


  • Always check for labels with washing instructions.

  • Turn your garments inside out before putting them in the washing machine, to ensure that detergent gets to the areas that have been closest to you all day. It also reduces wear on prints.

  • Use an eco-friendly wash cycle, 30 degrees should do it! This will help to reduce your energy consumption and save some money on your bills. Hand wash delicates.


  • Consider your hangers - we use wooden hangers at Red and Blue, they don't bend or rust like metal and keep your clothing in shape.

  • Be sure that your garments aren't being stored in a damp environment, this can cause mould. Diluted white vinegar can help to kill mould on clothing and lift stains. A cup of white vinegar can also help to reduce mildew smells in washing machines.

  • Store your clothing out of direct sunlight - light can bleach the colours.


Perhaps a fun project for the craftier amongst you. I often use YouTube videos to learn how to do simple repairs. Some will be inexpensive if you visit a local tailors. If you live in Manchester please enquire about Red and Blue's repair and steam cleaning service.

To Reuse, or Recycle?

  • Once again for those who love to craft, YouTube is your friend! Check out some videos on how to redesign items from dying them to cropping, distressing and more. Keep your eye on Red and Blue Umbrella Reworked for #styleinspo !

  • Sell and trade! At events and using websites such as Ebay, Depop and Vinted.

  • Donate - Charity Shops and clothing banks are fantastic places to donate unwanted clothing, great for the planet as garments don't end up in landfill, also they can help out people who may need them.

Keep an eye out for team Red and Blue's tutorials on how to re-work old favourites :)

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