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Are Hoops In Your Heart? A Sweatshirt That Celebrates Basketball...

One of the most famous Adidas innovations, The Streetball campaign, was rolled out in 1992. In their own words;

“We wanted to create a collection which celebrated the grassroots side of basketball, away from the gloss of the NBA.”

Streetball helped to introduce an entire continent to street basketball. Before the influence of Michael Jordan and the 1992 Dream Team's victory in the Barcelona Olympics and the German National Team winning the European Championship in 1993 basketball in Europe was a club sport. The ‘Streetball Challenge’ in 1992 was a huge success and basketball and streetball were suddenly huge in Europe.

Adidas saw this as an opportunity to involve themselves in growing the popularity of street basketball, releasing the first ever Streetball collection, realising that the lifestyle behind basketball was just as important to its success as the same itself they launched the collection by organising streetball events all over Germany and Europe with appearances from stars, food and sneaker pop ups and music.

The challenge grew to new audiences and new cities, only three years later in 1995 the tournament drew a live television audience of half a million! The collection remains iconic within street culture and basketball as it was so authentic.

Recently we found this amazing, very rare Streetball Sweatshirt which had been dedicated to the 1992 Streetball event. We were tempted to hang onto it but it went to a very good home! You can feel the nostalgia and how special these pieces are when handling them - which really shows when doing your research with T-Shirts starting from £100 online!

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