• Lucy May

The Beginning

Alex, the owner and founder of Red and Blue Umbrella, started the business in 2017 after being inspired on a trip to Amsterdam. He met a couple there selling T-Shirts by the roadside and decided to turn his love of vintage clothing into an ethically run fashion business.

After trading in second hand clothing on markets, Alex first started trading in Olympia House Antiques Centre in his hometown of Chesterfield. He found Olympia House very supportive which allowed him the time and gave him the tools to grow Red and Blue Umbrella quickly.

In September 2017 Red and Blue Umbrella moved into Manchester's 'emporium of eclecticism' Affleck's. Providing the same sustainable Cartoon Vintage, Sportswear, and other rare, unique vintage pieces in a more interactive environment.

Offering for all customers to visit and play a target game, basketball or GameCube with retro games to win discounts and bag themselves a bargain! Always innovating and trying to think of fresh ways to deliver unique style at affordable prices.

An ethical alternative, providing big brands to suit all budgets. Red and Blue Umbrella prove that fashion needn’t cost the Earth.

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